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Keeping things clean is essential for success. Try these hacks and tricks for a cleaner June!

1. Buy a Lint Roller

The possibilities are endless for this little cleaning too. The obvious use is to clean lint off of your clothes, but you can use it to dust, clean up little pieces of glass if you break something and even de-shedding your pet (gently of course).

2. Ditch the bar soap

Your shower will stay cleaner if you use shower gel or wash, rather than a traditional bar. There will be no soap scum if you don't have soap, duh. Also, those things breed bacteria so leave em behind!

3. Line your refrigerator shelves with Press N Seal by Glad

This will make clean-up easier on you if food leaks or spills, just pull up the plastic wrap and you're done!

4. Create your own products

If you mix dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide, it makes a kick-ass carpet cleaner. More recipes here.

5. If cleaning chemicals make you sick, switch to Vinegar

Vinegar kills 99 percent of bacterial germs and doesn't have a harsh smell or residue. It's also cheaper!