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The world needs to start paying attention to us weirdos.
I am not talking about those "OMG I could eat sushi all day, I am such a weirdo" people. That is all basic now.
I am talking about the hardcore weird. The people who stay up late into the night obsessing about the newest posting on the Harry Potter fanfiction (Guilty). Im talking about the kid in your class that takes everyones tinfoil at lunch and makes cool dinosaur statues out of it. I am talking about the person that dresses how they want, not just because fashion magazines now say its okay to mix and match patterns.
Being different gets you a lot further in life after the joke that is known as high school. In college and beyond, a mind that conforms will get you nowhere. Things that you use to be embarrassed about, like the journal of stories you wrote that focuses only on the characters from your favorite book falling in love, can help you kick start an entire new world.
Having a passion for something that diverts from the norm will make all the difference. People are constantly on the lookout for new ideas in a generation stock full of sub-par remakes. Everywhere we look everything is just a copy, of a copy, of a copy.
So do not let the cookie cutter, perfect idea of a person get you down. You are not meant to fit into a box so small. Weirdo's have sharp edges and twisted thoughts. They listen to music that no one knows, they spend all their money on feathers to recreate wings and then jump off the roof and hope that they fly.
You are the people that will bring change. You will be the people that need to become leaders. Because to be honest, I could care less about someones perfect football season their senior year of high school.
I want to listen to someone that knows there is so much beyond the crap that is popular all around us. Stick to your passions, embrace your differences, do what you love, and try and ignore the hate because in the end, it will be your weirdness that sets you apart for the rest.
Ever heard of 50 Shades of Gray? It started as a passion project for someone in the Twilight fan fiction. Not the best example but that smutty author made millions.