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A lot of people aren’t morning people. I get that. But, think about all the energy you will have for the remainder of the day if you sneak in a good workout before heading into work or school. Here are some tips that will hopefully motivate you to wake up early and actually do that morning exercise you've been avoiding.

Go to bed early.

This is so much easier said than done; however, waking up the next day won't feel like the devil himself is dragging you out of bed if you get some shut eye and a full 8 hours of sleep. Avoid caffeine and alcohol with dinner since these two culprits mess with your sleep cycle. Make sure to turn off electronics an hour before bed that way there's no temptations.

Prepare the night before.

Lay out your workout clothes, iPod, headphones, etc. close to the exit that way you can just grab it and go. Don't waste time trying to gather these items in the morning because you will feel overwhelmed if something's misplaced and it might cause you to stay home and skip the workout. Also, remember to fill a water bottle and place it in the fridge, so you have easy access to it.

Put your alarm in the next room.

Hitting the snooze button on a nightstand occurs more often than it should, so don’t put yourself in that position. If you place an alarm in the next room, it will force you to get up and turn it off. Once you’re physically out of bed, you won't find it that difficult to get up and start moving.

Make it a date.

It's always nice to have a workout buddy encouraging you to stay motivated in the mornings. Plus you're less likely to cancel if you know a personal trainer or friend is waiting for you to show up.

Keep your playlist updated.

Music pumps you up, but if you're listening to the same songs on repeat, your motivation for working out is going to decrease. Keep new material on your iPod or phone and designate certain playlists to strictly workout activities and exercising.

Make your workouts interesting.

Don’t punish yourself by getting up early and doing an exercise you absolutely hate. Don't like running? Don't do it! Go for a speed walk instead or tackle a stair master exercise. If you're somewhat enjoying the activity/exercise you’re less likely to resent it the next morning. Make it fun. Working out should never feel like a chore.
That's tough @pooReadMe especially if you're on such a tight work schedule. My suggestion for you is getting up around 6 and doing a nice 20 min workout whether that be a light jog, core exercises, free weights, etc. and then doing some quick and easy workouts throughout the day during a lunch break or siting at your desk. There's definitely ways to get around having to get up at 3 am and going for a run you just have to get creative and try to manage your time the best possible way! Best of luck
Totally guilty of doing the same thing @alywoah! So much easier.
Working out in the morning is a huge no no for me. It just makes me exhausted the rest of the day. I exercise before I go to bed because it helps me sleep better. Waking up early is leterally impossible for me lol. I sleep late and wake up late.
Thanks but.. I will try.. :)
True that @skee292.. I think every night that I WILL get up more early and try to do atleast a bit of exercise.. Sadly sleep tunes out everything.. Guilty :D
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