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Hey guys! So with summer well on its way, I've been dreaming of beautiful, fresh, crunchy salads packed with color and seasonal produce. I always associate summer with light, raw meals starring plenty of ripe fruit and veggies. Lately my salad repertoire has been feeling a little stale... so I was thinking we could try a Vingle recipe swap to shake things up! :D What are your favorite summer salads?
I'll start: I am a HUGE fan of this Citrus Red Cabbage Salad (I've written a card about it in the past); it's excellent for non-salad eaters because there's not a green thing in sight. Rather, it packs in a ton of delicious red and orange produce, like apples, beets, red onion, red cabbage, and oranges, giving you this gorgeous fuchsia-colored final product, which I recommend topping off with some grated carrot! :)
Share your favorite salad recipes so we can all eat our way to a happier, healthier, more colorful summer!
This is my absolute favorite summer salad:
It doesn't use any basic greens but it's so so good and once you make it you'll always want it around!
Mmmm. That's got a nice Greek flair to it! Thanks @Gavriella, will so definitely try! It's very different from the salads I usually make, and that's a good thing :))