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Hey guys! So with summer well on its way, I've been dreaming of beautiful, fresh, crunchy salads packed with color and seasonal produce. I always associate summer with light, raw meals starring plenty of ripe fruit and veggies. Lately my salad repertoire has been feeling a little stale... so I was thinking we could try a Vingle recipe swap to shake things up! :D What are your favorite summer salads?
I'll start: I am a HUGE fan of this Citrus Red Cabbage Salad (I've written a card about it in the past); it's excellent for non-salad eaters because there's not a green thing in sight. Rather, it packs in a ton of delicious red and orange produce, like apples, beets, red onion, red cabbage, and oranges, giving you this gorgeous fuchsia-colored final product, which I recommend topping off with some grated carrot! :)
Share your favorite salad recipes so we can all eat our way to a happier, healthier, more colorful summer!
It doesn't use any basic greens but it's so so good and once you make it you'll always want it around!
This is my absolute favorite summer salad:
Mmmm. That's got a nice Greek flair to it! Thanks @Gavriella, will so definitely try! It's very different from the salads I usually make, and that's a good thing :))