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Shopping online can be a breeze if you're a size 0. But for the vast majority of us that don't fit the model-size category, we have to worry about sizing and fit with every online purchase. It's a whole other story if you're plus size and still want to look the part of fashionista. There are great fashion-forward collaborations, even if you don't want to seriously splurge! I've rounded up the best plus size online shops and collaborations with price points under $100.


ASOS is known for trendy pieces that imitate the trends we see on the runway and wish we could afford. They have amazing things for a range of prices, from downright cheap to quite spendy, but their merchandise is so varied that you'll definitely find what you're looking for. Their "ASOS Curve" line is designed for plus size women who don't want to look boring or frumpy, and they definitely don't have to! Explore the collection here.

Simply Be

Simply Be is more bohemian-chic, but their entire website is catered to plus-size women, so they've got you covered for a decent price range! Breezy dresses and blouses are their specialty, but they have everything, so it's worth sifting through the site. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $100. Shop the site here.

Forever 21

When you want to look trendy but need the lowest prices, Forever 21's plus size shop is the way to go. Whatever's in style, they'll reinterpret it for less, and made with a curvy body type in mind. They even have their fun and flirty swimsuits for plus size! Shop the collection here.


For ages, Torrid has been dishing out the best plus size fashions in the game for reasonable prices. They've narrowed their market to be entirely plus-size inclusive, and they even make heels and ankle booties customized for larger ankles. So they've really got you! Shop the site here.

Yours Clothing

Yours has tons of girly styles made to flatter bodies in larger sizes. They're a customer service favorite and have tons of devotees who love their trends as well as their comfortable basics. Shop the site here.
I love these! I'm definitely going to shopping today and buy some clothes that celebrates my body! :)
all these dresses are sooo pretty
Great post! Kudos to you for embracing the plus size community in your post.