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Who said you can't have designs on your nails and still be sophisticated?

Simple flower and happy face designs with rhinestones are a thing of the past. We have moved on to minimalist nail art that allows you to be stylishly chic while reliving that girly moment of your childhood.

Nail art went out of style awhile ago, but designs are definitely back and better than ever.

Something as simple as a colorful line protruding down the middle of your nail has women everywhere going coo-coo for designs. Everyone knows that simple is in and the simpler your nail design, all the more chic.

Not sure what nail design to request your next trip to the salon? Fear not!

We have the beauty 411 and it's design-licious. Get ready to flaunt your nails on the streets because you'll be sure to fall in love with the designs we have in store.

Look #1 - Writers Anonymous:

This look is simply amazing.

To all my writers out there, what do you think? We absolutely love this clever idea. It's both extremely chic and minimal, but not to drastic. What's not to love?

Look #2 - Walking The Line:

Who knew a couple lines could make nails look so amazing?

The thin strip of silver over top of the white is one word -- chic!

Look #3 - Crescent Moons

What's better than plaid on a shirt? Plaid on your nails.

This simple black and white tartan design is both beautiful and fun. Who doesn't love black and white together?

Look #4 - Crescent Moons, Hearts & Polka Dots

You can still keep it minimal with multiple designs depending on the colors you choose to use.

The more neutral the less drastic the design. Polka dots, lines, crescent moons and hearts are just a few designs you can choose between for that perfect chic look.

Look #5 - Paint Splatter:

If this design isn't pure art.

Just staring at it is addicting. Simply beautiful and minimal. The colors are not too bright, but enough to be a statement. These nails just took the word fun to another level.