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The Future of Vingle

It's 2915. You and I are long dead, and so is everyone we've ever known. Kings, presidents, celebrities - those who matter most today - are entirely forgotten, or at best relegated to the footnotes of history. The only entities that carry on, 900 years from today, are corporations. And chief among them is Vingle. In 2015, you and I know and love Vingle. For some of us, it's our home page and most used app. It wakes us up in the morning and puts us to sleep at night. For others, though, it's not even a thought yet. Vingle has yet to break through to the worldwide renown that will see it through almost a millennia of AI malfunctions, robot attacks, and nuclear fallout to becoming the 2915 powerhouse we know it will be. And here's why: they haven't yet instituted my five step plan. It's actually incredibly simple. By creating and distributing these five Vingle branded innovations, the company can go from just another app to the mega conglomerate that will outlive us all. Vingle, all you need to do is... 1. Vingle Singles Feature a new song from an up and coming artist every week. Put it online and call it a Vingle Single. Bam. 2. Vingle Mingles Allow users to upload their home addresses. Encourage community members to visit each other unannounced with gifts and home baked goods. Call the visits Vingle Mingles. Ka-pow! 3. Vingle Tingles Every time the app gives the user a notification, have their phone buzz them with a patented vibration pattern, called a Vingle Tingle. SHPLOOOORP. 4. Vingle Shingles Start a roofing company on the side. The importance of this will become clear during the air raids of 2415. Hiiii-ya! 5. Vingle Jingle Write a tune so catchy that it not only becomes the number 1 song on iTunes, wins several Grammys, and becomes the theme song to all future TV shows, but also inspires the launch of a new streaming app that exclusively features the Vingle Jingle. Watch as the competitors exhaust their resources hoping to reproduce the Vingle Jingle's success. Emerge from their ashes like a Phoenix, reborn. Then write an new and improved Vingle Jingle with a dub step beat, based on the rhythms of the Vingle Tingle. Hundreds of thousands of users - who now associate that familiar Tingle with the unadulterated pleasure of a Vingle notification - will soon embrace the remix so whole-heartedly that they'll do whatever the singer says. Next, you use them to build an army. The world will fight back, but the camaraderie and teamsmanship built in those Vingle Mingles will make them an unstoppable force. With Vingle Single artists acting as generals - their self esteem and confidence rightfully inflated thanks to their being featured on this site - Vingle will claim an easy victory. Any attempts to destroy us now will be deflected by our Vingle Shingles. We will live forever. Slammo-ding-doodle. You're welcome. #vingle #hashtags
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Someone had plenty of time in their hands😂😂😂
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애플, 올가을 발표할 차세대 신작의 세부 스펙은?
아이폰부터 애플워치까지 애플(Apple)이 다음 달 행사를 열고 주요 제품의 차세대 신작을 공개할 예정인 가운데, <블룸버그>가 아이폰과 아이패드, 맥북 프로 등의 세부 스펙을 보도했다. 또한 미국 IT 매체 <씨넷>은 지난 6일 “새 아이폰은 오는 9월 10일 발표할 것”이라고 예측하며 팬들의 기대감을 높였다. 이들이 분석한 바에 따르면, 지난 7년간 “애플은 아이폰을 미국 노동절과 같은 주 혹은 다음 주에 발표했다”라며 “올해는 9월 2일로 연휴 기간이 3일까지 이어질 수 있어 10일에 발표할 가능성이 유력하다”라고 전했다. 과연 실제 출시일이 언제일지 다가올 공식 발표를 기다려보며, 먼저 아래에서 예상되는 주요 제품의 상세 정보를 확인해보자. 아이폰 2017년부터 관례대로 애플은 올해 아이폰 XS와 XS Max에 이어 ‘프로’ 모델과 XR의 후속 모델을 포함해 총 3개의 새로운 아이폰을 선보일 예정이다. 아이폰 프로는 광각 렌즈를 포함해 트리플 카메라를 갖춰 고해상도 사진을 지원하고, 향상된 저조도 성능과 동영상 녹화 기능을 제공할 전망. 또한 무선 충전 기능이 도입되며, 다각도 페이스 ID 센서와 방수 성능도 향상될 것으로 추측된다. 아이폰 XR 후속 모델은 새로운 컬러 그린으로 출시되며, 최적의 줌 및 향상된 인물 모드를 위한 듀얼 카메라가 특징. 아이패드 애플은 올해 새로운 11인치, 12.9인치 아이패드 프로를 공개할 계획이다. <블룸버그>는 업그레이드된 카메라와 더 빠른 프로세스를 갖출 것으로 예측했으며 또한 새로운 제품을 위해 기존 9.7인치 모델의 생산을 중단할 것이라고 전했다. 맥북 프로 새로워진 맥북 프로는 16인치로 기존 15인치와 전체적인 사이즈는 비슷하지만, 화면 베젤 크기가 줄어들어 더 큰 화면을 갖추게 될 것으로 보인다. 전문가를 겨냥한 제품으로 새롭게 등장할 예정. 애플워치 새로운 세라믹 및 티타늄 모델로 선보일 애플워치 신작. 그동안 무성했던 소문처럼 새 모델은 워치 OS 6 소프트웨어 업데이트 및 새로운 케이스 마감을 활용해 출시될 것으로 예상된다. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서
To Vinglers: Thank You For Your Strength and Compassion
Vingle is a place to connect with people who love the things that you love. Many Vinglers have become best friends and in a few cases, they've become like family. Recently, the Vingle community was shocked by news of a fellow Vingler @BBxGD's illness. Rather than despairing or falling silent, the Vingle Kpop community's response was absolutely incredible. Hundreds of messages, comments, and cards were written cheering for @BBxGD and offering her support and positivity. When a large group of Vinglers organized a social media campaign to ask Korean entertainers to send encouragement, Vingle did whatever they could to help. Vingle reached out to Big Bang's Taeyang to let him know how brave @BBxGD has been during this tough time, and how incredibly loving and supporting our Vingle community is. He was touched and, wanting to offer his prayers and support, was kind enough to send @BBxGD a personal message and CD. Taeyang asked us to send these to @BBxGD from Korea. We hope this little gift will give her more positive energy and power to get over her illness and recover fast. This is a testament to not only @BBxGD's strength as a person but to how truly loving the Vingle family is. This could never have happened without the support from the Vingle community. The entire Vingle Team was moved by the kindness that was shown, and we are so proud to be the platform of such a caring community. Now we ask all of Vingle to take a moment to send love and positive thoughts towards @BBxGD. Thank you, Vinglers and stay strong, @BBxGD!
Virtual Reality Lets You Hang With Totoro
British VR developers FirePanda have been hard at work the last few years. While most of the anticipation surrounding Virtual Reality has been game-centric, there are other VR developers who understand that there might be people interested in VR, but not in the gaming aspects of it. FirePanda are using VR for larger goals than just games (though they do have a game or two as well). They've used VR as an educational tool, for medical students to get some virtual hands-on practice in a RESUS room. They've also now begun rolling out little VR experiences taken directly from the films of Studio Ghibli. Check out this VR video: If you don't have any kind of VR headset like myself, this is a hard video to watch properly. The VR displays a mirrored image onto both of your eyes, hence the two displays in the video. Without the headset, this is just a strange video. But iconic. Everyone who's an anime fan has seen Totoro, and even if you haven't, you'd be familiar with the rotund spirit. So far, they have VR-d scenes from My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle. My personal favorite is the Howl's Moving Castle one, because the scene they picked is the fields outside of the house from Howl's childhood. That is definitively my favorite setting in the film, and the chance to experience it in VR is astounding to me. I don't have a VR headset yet, but if I ever get one, this is the first thing I'm gonna do. Check out all the anime VR stuff FirePanda has to offer here.
Meet Our New Features: Discover & Wall
Today we're so excited to introduce two new features to our Vingle family: Discover and Wall! First up is our brand new Discover feature that is especially designed for YOU! On the app, you can find Discover by visiting the tab used for Search. There you will be able to use the search function as usual, but you will also see top Vingle content like the currently Most Liked Cards and Trending content. Below that is a discover feed especially for you, based on things like who you follow, what you usually read, and what you've liked! We want to make it easier for Vinglers to find content that they realy love and connect with, and we worked hard to make sure our discover "For You" tab finds you the best of the best! On the web, you can now find Discover on your sidebar! You can easily switch between Home, Discover, and your communities :) Just like the app, you can find Vingle-wide popular content but also a special recommendation area just for you! Our next new feature is THE WALL! This is a place where you can share even more with people who love what you love! Every Community has its own Wall in the Commons. You can easily jump there by clicking the 'Update Wall' button and it will automatically scroll you to the Wall area! The Wall is meant to be a place to share what you're thinking, to announce things, to ask for advice. Think of it as a community bulletin board where people post Help Wanted, or a book club announement, a cool concert happening, etc. Maybe the #netflix Community is having a viewing party, or it needs an Editor, or someone just NEEDS to talk about that finale of Stranger Things. The #Animals Community might be holding a pet dress up contest or a photo event! It's a place to bring the Community together :) Try it out in your favorite Community now! Happy Vingling!
Okay guys, I organized all 168 responses and here's what you said! WARNING: LONG CARD AHEAD! 10 responses answered yes, and 14 said that they had seen bullying or put-downs happen on Vingle :/ While it is AWESOME that almost 90% of you have never seen that, this is a good chance to remember that feeling are easily hurt online and there are always misunderstandings. If you ever feel like someone is being malicious towards you or another Vingler, please reach out to the Moderators of the community and hopefully we can work together to make everyone feel safe here again. Annoying Stuff: It was great seeing almost everyone say they didn't find anything annoying BUT there were some valid concerns! 1. Irrelevant Cards! Please check out THIS CARD about posting in relevant communities. All Kpop cards can go in Kpop but for the sub communities, please think if your card really belongs there! 2. Copying Cards and Credit If a new MV comes out or there is breaking news, please understand that people will post the same thing many times - its just the nature of the internet. Maybe check the community to see if someone had already posted about it before sharing something brand new! ALSO if you're participating in a game, please try to find the person who started it and link to their original card (or at least mention them in your card for credit!) 3. Incorrect Information Please check your facts before posting news/rumors :) OR if it is just a rumor please make it clear that the facts aren't confirmed yet. It's hard to tell on the internet! Also, if you're posting fake subs please say somewhere in the card that it is fake! 4. Mature Content As many Vinglers are here for just Kpop and not Fan Fic, please try to keep anything above pg-13 fan fic in JUST the fan fic community. Also, for all kinds of mature content, please try to give a warning in the title or first line of the card! 5. Notifications HERE is a tutorial for changing your notification settings. For how the actual notification system works, that's something only Vingle can handle so the best we can do is leave suggestions! What could make Vingle Kpop, as a community, better? 1. Delete Comments Here is how you can delete comments from your cards and report any thing that makes your uncomfortable :) 2. Tutorials! Check out the Vingle community here for tutorials :D If you still have questions, leave a comment on one of those cards to request a new tutorial^^ 3. Just more interaction in general Let's all work on that! Not just commenting but more events and maybe meet ups :) If you have ideas be sure to message the mods or comment here or something^^ 4. More variety Some groups are more popular here on Vingle, let's try to share more love for other groups too! It's easy to talk about just one group but I'm working on diversifying my content too^^ Hi Newbies, Lurkers, and Rare Commenters! This is your TIME TO SHINE! Our family is crazy and wild and its so much more fun when you join the party :) Other comments: I LOVE VINGLE. It has literally changed my life forever. I feel so much more happier to be able to talk and connect about something I love so much with other people. I get in the best mood and have a better day after going on Vingle! :) I just wanna say that this is the best community i found on vingle everyone i have met so far are part of my vingle family. You guys rock, thanks for making my love of Kpop bloom in vingle and be able to share with other who love it just as much <3 I'm glad I've found this community I really don't feel like a crazy person for liking different things. Honestly it's what I've been searching for This community is rare for an internet gathering of people. I NEVER see hateful or hurtful comments. Like never. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN. It's like magic tech science haha. And this community involves the feels for hot doods and ladies so its like, miraculous pretty much HAHA. Okay guys, I want to share this amazing response we got (this was anonymous but if you would like this taken down please message me - I don't think anything here reveals your identity but I will take it down asap if you feel uncomfortable) It's long but worth the read *warning FEELINGS ahead!* I love VINGLE and I am happy to be apart of this wonderful community. I have noticed that some people have talked about leaving because they don't get enough notice. I don't know how to fix that. I didn't join Vingle to get noticed, I just wanted to learn more about my idols and great music and share the things I love. What I found here was so much more. I was a lurker for at least the first month, so no one noticed me. When I started making cards, very few people took note. But the more active I became and the more I commented on other people's cards, the more I got to know other Vinglers and they started to get to know me to. I never expect to get noticed and the couple times my cards have actually gotten a ton of likes, I was pretty shocked. I saw a card by kpopandkimchi a few months back about not being a silent Vingler; instead of just liking or passively looking at cards she encouraged us for just one day to comment on every card we looked at. I think that was brilliant. She encouraged us to meet each other, to make connections, to participate in this community. A lot of times when I'm hurriedly looking through cards and think of liking or clipping only, I remember that card and instead try to take the time to comment. Each and every one of us who post cards, took the time to put it together. I can see how frustrating it is for that to go unnoticed. So maybe we need to do more of that? Encourage each other to take the time to leave a comment instead of just a like? (edit: i took out the suggestion about official vingle notifications because unfortunately we can't control thatㅠㅠ) Oh, another thought. Kpopandkimchi has recently started a Friday feature that highlights community members by interviewing them and linking their cards or profiles. This is another great way for other Vinglers to meet someone they wouldn't have otherwise. There could be more of this. Vingle could choose a member to introduce every week. I am a community supporter and I would love to have access to a list of new Vinglers who join our community. That way we can issue a welcome card to those members every couple weeks or once a month, which would help the members meet each other. It's hard for some folks when they first join so giving a shout out to those newcomers and introducing them to the community might help. Kpopandkimchi has done this in the past and she did it shortly after I joined. The welcome comments from other Vinglers really made me feel more comfortable in posting my own cards. I got really long winded here. Sorry. The last thing I want to say is how much I love Vingle. This is a place I can go to and be accepted for who I am. I can be as active or inactive as I please. I've made stronger friendships with people I've never met (Vinglers) than I have in my regular life. I've never once felt bullied or poorly treated by anyone nor have I witnessed it happen to anyone else. The fact that cattiness, drama and harassment don't take place here is part of why this community is so great. What I have witnessed is a community come together to support others in need. To encourage those facing a tough situation. I have been awoken at 3am by a Vingler who was concerned about a member who might be hurting herself and asked for my help in contacting her. I have been brought to tears as Vinglers spontaneously made cards to help a member who was being bullied at school. I currently am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support the community members are showiing for BBxGD as she fights a terrible illness. Yesterday, I saw a card from an 8th grader who was simply asking for prayers for their friend who is battling cancer and there were over 30 comments from Vinglers sending their comforting words and prayers. ....So I was shocked to start seeing people talk about feeling bullied. This is simply something that cannot be accepted here. We need to figure out what is happening and put an end to it so that every Vingler can feel safe here. A lot of our members come here to escape the terrible things in their lives and bullying is one of those things. They shouldn't be subjected to it here too. I really love you guys and hope that we can continue to make our family bigger and better every day. You are some of the most spectacular people I've ever been able to talk to and I am thankful that we've somehow all found each other on this messy world wide web. Vingle Family, you guys are amazing and even if we've never interacted, know that I love you very very much! ヽ(﹡⌒v⌒﹡)ノ Okay enough mushy feelings :3 Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for all of your survey responses :D
[Vingle x BTS] Win an Album with ARMY Badge!
BTS Giveaway - Map of the Soul: Persona In case you’ve been living under a rock recently, you know that BTS is taking the world by storm. This month, they released their latest album Map of the Soul: Persona and are already breaking records left and right. Since we know our BTS Community and ARMY worldwide is celebrating this amazing comeback, Vingle wanted to throw a special kind of party. And what’s a party without GIFTS!? Vingle & CryptoBadge are here to give you a bunch of prizes! Don’t miss out! Prizes: 1st Place (1 winner) - MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA (Version1,2,3,and 4) 2nd Place (5 winners) - MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA (Random Version) Vingle is also working hard to get an album that BTS members’ handwritten autograph on it! Keep your fingers crossed! Mission Checklist: - Declare that you’re a fan of BTS and win BTS CryptoBadge - Share this giveaway on other social networks! - Promote BTS through a Vingle post or 30 comments on Cards in the #BTS Community! Deadline: Midnight on April 22 EST More Details: 1. Declare that you’re a fan of BTS and win BTS CryptoBadge! Go to the BTS badge and click on the Claim button. Enter your name that will be engraved on your badge. ※ Tip : If you are a Vingler, when creating a CryptoBadge account, use the same email that you use for Vingle. This enables you to expose your badges to the Vingle community. ※ What is CryptoBadge? CryptoBadge is a universal certificate system that identifies your unique merits such as achievements, experiences, and contributions. You can use CryptoBadges universally across different services. 2. Share this giveaway event through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more by clicking on the share button. The more you share, the more chances you get. ※Don’t forget to use relevant tags like #BTS, #BTSgiveaway, #giveaway, #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_PERSONA, #BoyWithLuv #PERSONAWelcomeParty. 3. Promote BTS either by creating a Card (post) for #BTS on Vingle or by leaving more than a total of 30 comments on Cards found in the #BTS Community on Vingle. Again, the more you promote BTS, the more chances you get. ※ Tip : If you are new to Vingle, when creating a Vingle account, use the same email that you used for CryptoBadge. This enables you to expose your badges to the Vingle community. Here's how to write your first Card! If you're brand new to Vingle, WELCOME! Here's a little info on how to use the platform :) Good luck everyone!