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When I lived in France, dinners among friends would always begin with an apéritif, a small pre-dinner drink. It's a fun custom that gets the meal started off right. ;) My very favorite apéritif to this day is a classic French cocktail, but with a subtle twist: the Kir Pêche.
A traditional kir (pronounced "keer") consists of dry white wine and crème de cassis, a liqueur made from blackcurrants. It's a lovely pale blush color, with a delicate berry-like flavor. A kir pêche is instead made with crème de pêche, or peach liqueur. While it doesn't impart the same pinkish hue, I just adore the light, sweet flavor of peach mingling subtly with a nice tart white wine.
Another variation on the classic kir is a Kir Royale, which is made with champagne. I love both – it all just depends on whether you're in the mood for bubbles! You can easily adapt this recipe for a kir pêche royale by replacing the white wine with champagne. Easy!

Kir Pêche

1 part crème de pêche (peach liqueur)
4 parts dry white wine
1.) First, pour in the crème de pêche; then the white wine. Stir gently to mix.
2.) Serve chilled in a champagne flutes.
If you're not a discerning drinker, any white will work. However, if you want a more proper, traditional kir, try varieties like Riesling, Gewürtztraminer, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc. If you like your wine a little sweeter, try a Muscadet.
And one other note – some people disagree on the proportions of liqueur to wine. I like a 5:1 ratio. Some experts insist on 9:1, but to me, that just tastes like white wine. So a little experimenting is good! :) I hope you enjoy this lovely, refreshing cocktail, perfect for summer dinner parties. If you give it a try, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. :D