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K-Dramas are known for their beautiful and diverse OSTs. Whether it's K-pop or English songs, the soundtracks are thoughtfully selected to express the tone of the drama. Here are a few unforgettable tracks from 2014 K-Dramas.
Come Into My Heart (Witch's Romance)
This song perfectly expresses Dong Ha's emotions as he confesses to Ji Yun. Park Seo Joon captures the heart of viewers not only with his acting, but also his singing.
Tears Fall (Angel Eyes)
Try not to cry as you listen to this song! If the drama wasn't heart-breaking enough, the OST was even more emotional. This song perfectly captures the mellow feel of this drama.
The Scent of A Flower (Emergency Couple)
Whether or not you've seen the drama, this song will hit you right in the feels. Choi Jin Hyuk is yet another talented actor with a beautiful singing voice.
Tears Keep Falling (Triangle)
Composed with a great theme and vocals, Ali's voice beautifully expresses the emotional vibe of this hectic melodrama.
Cross My Mind (It's Ok, That's Love)
This upbeat and light-hearted song was much needed in this gut-wrenching romantic drama. What I really like about this song is that it has a nostalgic feeling anyone can relate to.
What are some of your favorite K-drama songs?