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Spoilers for Orphan Black through season 3, episode 8. Tatiana Maslany has been absolutely killing it in this season of Orphan Black, shifting from extremely different characters like it's no big deal. But viewers have come to expect a certain level of danger in the series and there's only so long showrunners can leave a Sword of Damocles hanging over the characters' heads before the audience assumes it's never going to fall. Advertising for season three told us that "no one is safe", and it seems like in order to keep the stakes high, it feels like they will have to kill off a major character in order to keep the stakes and tension high. But who might be at risk?
While we've already lost a few of the Castor clones (and Paul, way ti take one for the team buddy), it doesn't feel like this is what the show is building up to. Someone from the Leda clone club is probably going to end up dead. It's how the series began, with Beth jumping in front of a train. It feels natural to remind us if that now by reinforcing the fact that the clones have limited control over their lives. Death in a way is the ultimate loss of autonomy and control.
They're all sick (with the possible exception of Sarah and Helena, who don't exhibit any if the symptoms of the clones' illness). But Cosima is really sick. We already thought we were going to lose her- twice. So it makes sense to assume we might have to say goodbye to her character. Except...
We shoild know by now that we shiuld expect the unexpected from this show. From the small but significant surprise that was Tony, Sarah et al's transgender clone brother, to pretty much everything Siobhan Sadler has thrown at us, this show still knows how to surprise us. Which is why I think Cosima isn't who we should be worried about...
Allison has stayed out of most of the clone drama this seasom. She's been a stand-in when necessary, but her growing business as a suburban soccer mom/drug dealer and her extra-marital chemistry with her ex-turned-business partner has kept her occupied. Not only that, but her storylines have been a source of lightheartedness in an otherwise really hopeless season. Which is why I think she has the most to worry about.
Sarah would be an interesting choice, but I think it would change the narrative directon of the show too much. Sarah has been our everyman for too long. And unlike the other clones, she doesn't seem to have inherited whatever disease is killing them. She's just too essential to the genetic side of things. Helena might br able to fill the gap genetically, but she wouldn't be abke to carry the story, because she's too extreme and chaotic who what the show is trying to do. Rachel and Helena are both too compelling to get rid of. They both cause so many problems, which keeps the story moving forward. Besides, Helena is pregnant, and I think the show would be more compelling seeing her in a mothering role than seeing her die before she gets the chance. Cosima seems like a predictable choice, but ultimately she like Sarah is too essential to the story being told. She understands the science side of things and represents the opportunity for the clones to take control of their biological future. Allison is so much fun, and the audience is attached to her. Which is why she would be a good choice to kill off. Her absence would be heartbreaking, but it wouldn't disrupt the direction of the show. It would remind the audience of the stakes, and make us believe in them. Don't get me wrong: if she dies I will be crying for DAYS. But I wouldn't be abke to stop myself from admiring that kind of brilliant storytelling.
He really pulled off that beard though! lol
Me too @missophiestik I loved him! I don't want anyone at the Institute to find out about him but I definitely want to see him again
Hope Tony? comes back around though..
Me too @missophiestik I'm still totally amazed by how the season ended. What. WHAT. Dang. Super intense. I can't wait for next season!
"No, just no, no no nooooo" was my reaction.
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