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Yesterday, Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of premium ice cream company Ben & Jerry's, announced that they will be rolling out a "delicious" vegan flavor sometime next year - making them the very first 'mainstream' ice cream brand to offer a dairy-free base.
Though no flavor was specifically revealed, the company plans to use coconut or almond milk as a base, similar to vegan brands like So Delicious, Coconut Bliss, and Almond Dream.
In an interview with Huffington Post earlier today, Ben & Jerry's spokesperson Kelly Mohr cited ice cream fan demand for the reasoning behind this big move. (Within the past 8 months, for example, a Change.com petition demanding a non-dairy flavor received over 27,000 signatures.)
"Our Flavor Gurus are always in the lab looking at ways we can bring the fun and indulgence of Ben & Jerry’s to new fans. A non-dairy dessert is something we are working on, because everyone has the right to enjoy great dessert."
So, all you vegans and lactose intolerants out there, that gives you only a few more months to get your Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Locks ready. When this pint finally drops at a store near you, you're certainly not going to want to share!
Dairy or no-dairy, B&J's is my FAAAAV! Definitely trying this one.
It's nice to see the company responding to the public's opinion.
@AvocadoLove I think so too!! Ben & Jerry's has shown itself to be a pretty great company in regards to making their product more and more ethical.