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Happy National Iced Tea Day!

Alright, so I like it spiked, give me a break! Today's National Iced Tea Day, and what better way to celebrate it your cool drink than with a s̶p̶l̶a̶s̶h̶ hefty shot of tequila?

What You'll Need:

Tequila Iced tea Lemon

How To Make It:

In a glass with ice, pour about 1 oz of your choice of tequila. Then pour your iced-tea. Take a wedge of lemon and squeeze over your drink (or just keep it as a garnish!)
Passing this recipe to my mom. It seems like ever since I went to college, our liquor cabinet at home gets bigger and bigger...
Oh boy. I might have to swap the tequila out with some vodka. Tequila sends me into a transformation similar to how Bruce Banner shifts into the Incredible Hulk, but if the Incredible Hulk was a drunk white girl who doesn't know why she's crying and eating Rice-A-Roni straight from the saucepan.
I am a Southern Girl who loves nothing better than my Sweet and I mean sappy Sweet Sweet Ice Tea with Lime! And I can see a little Tequila and maybe a little Peach Schnapps!
@galinda hahaa! My mom's is the same.
@danidee I totallly get it. Tequila transforms people into completely different people. I turn into THAT party girl who wants to shout and dance reggaeton with everyonneeeee. lol.