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I didn't know that it was possible to both love and hate a show, but what Lena Dunham has created with Girls causes me to feel all kinds of emotions.
The situations that Dunham has created are real, highlighting things felt by plenty of post-grad women - the abyss that is your future career or the insecurities felt in many relationships. In this way, the show is relatable.
On the other hand, the characters created by Dunham are hardly relatable for me. Dunham has identified some true characteristics of twenty-somethings like being self-involved, judgmental, or shallow, and exaggerated them to create four unlikely and frankly unlikeable friends.
I love watching Girls because it's well written and clever, but I hate watching Girls because each character makes me so actively angry.
I'm genuinely curious about Lena Dunham's intentions when writing this show. Does she want us to fall in love with the characters or is she trying to make a larger point through each character's flaws? Or am I reading way too much into it (this is very possible)?
I'm not sure, but with season five approaching, I'm interested to see if the show has changed or if watching it will make me feel any differently. Either way, Lena Dunham has created a show unlike many others, and for that, I think she's awesome.
I think I just get her because we're both sort of anxious and fluctuate between being really smart and savvy to having no idea what the hell is going on.
@beywatch - she's definitely the most likable character I think, but still, hard for me to relate to!
I hate Girls and love Girls at the same time too. I find all the leads in it to be completely obnoxious, but I'm definitely a Shosh. Shosh is my kind of weird.
@nicolejb - yeah, that must be it! Have you read James Franco's review of the's called A Dude's Take on Girls, it's pretty harsh
I have a guy friend that’s obsessed with this show (And he’s not the girly show type)...I think it appeals to everyone because like you’s so real. We love and hate all of them. haha