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Dope is one of the movies I'm really anticipating. And it comes out next week (June 19th, 2015)
I grew up watching movies like, Boyz n tha Hood. I love all those "growing up in L.A" movies. But the reason I'm really pumped for Dope? It subverts the idea of what these growing-up-in-a-poor-neighborhood-in-LA movies are supposed to be.
Instead of having our protagonists be the usual "tough guy", they're all dorks/nerds/geeks or whatever you want to call them. I love this idea because I was all of those things when I was in high school.
It also helps that the movie seems pretty funny, too. Check out the trailer above and remember to catch it in theaters next week!
going to see this next week for sure
Hahahahaha "did he actually say he was going to kill you and your friends, or just you" important thing to clear up. This looks great!!
"do you know what a slippery slope is?"
That "champion shot" of the three of them while he's introducing himself is my favorite thing. I'm all about the champion shot. @VinMcCarthy
I'm actually pretty stoked to see this too