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Alexander Wang created some interesting fashion looks using invisible thread--making the hems of his runway garments appear to be floating in mid air!
Super easy, you just need some invisible thread, which you can get at any craft or hobby store, scissors, and the garment that you want to create the invisible hem for, like a skirt.
For this project all you have to do is cut the hem off your skirt any width as long as it's wide enough to notice, like 2 inches.
Next, thread your needle with invisible thread, knot it, and begin to attach the two pieces of fabric together leaving space like and inch or more to give the illusion of a floating hem.
It's that easy. I hope you try this and let me know what you think. It's fun, easy, and won't take a long time to create! If you love designer looks but don't like to pay for it, just copy the looks like I do. In fact, here's an Emilio Pucci knock-off that you can create yourself--and still look as good as Kendall Jenner!