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I have been impatiently waiting to see this! I can't imagine how drained they must be from promotions and yet they still treat their fans by going on RM <3 I loved this episode the plastic wrap bit killed me XD ...and if you're a fan of Mr. Capable you'll enjoy this episode too...XD **Dramafever has uploaded the full episode on their site but has only uploaded a part of it to Youtube. I'll update this card as it is uploaded.
I love Running Man, I love Big Bang, I love Big Bang on Running Man
I'm gonna watch this as soon as I can... I can't wait ^^
@poojas Yes! They were so drenched in sweat by the end lol The basketball part was by far my favorite. I couldn't stop laughing at their shenanigans
@aabxo OMG, I watched this episode yesterday and it was hilarious! I felt like Big Bang was way more interactive than their previous Running Man appearances. TOP and Daesung were having so much fun in this episode! I loved the water basketball part! ^_^