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So you graduated college and had an amazing summer. You beached it with friends, travelled, stayed in your house at school till the lease ended with no cares in the world, and drank the summer nights away. But now it's September and it is starting to sink in that you are done with college. And it totally sucks. Here are some of the emotional struggles I know all of you are facing. Just know I am with you on this hellish journey and sympathize completely.
7. You sit on your phone looking at all the pictures you took from your senior year. Then you go on snap chat and watch everyone's stories. You hate the fact that half your friends didn't graduate and are all together being drunk and fun without you. You hate them.
6. You are back to living with your parents, in your childhood room, being treated like a child. The days of smoking in the morning and stumbling home drunk at 3am to cook pasta and pass out in the hallway are over. Your parents seeing your typical Wednesday night college drunk will have them sending you straight to rehab. Might as well take away all my freedoms Mom.
5. The job search is a black hole and you are being sucked into the void. School and homework might have sucked but try finding a job with your Liberal Arts degree. You have never, ever, felt such painful rejection before. And its constant. Screw the job search and go on Netflix.
4. You have already watched everything interesting on Netflix and have no money to buy HBO Go. So you go back to the job search and the cycle just continues. I am so sorry.
3. You now have to pay for a Gym. If you think the Freshmen 15 was bad, try gaining the "hello I'm unemployed and have nothing to do" 20. At school the gym was usually included in your tuition or at least pretty cheap but now you have to pay for your own gym membership. And sometimes the gym is a drive and who really wants to expend all that energy?
2. You realize that while you are bored, its a lot better then having to do actual papers and finals. You watch your college friends complain about studying and like their pictures of the four empty coffee cups next to their set up in the library. Its 4 am. Their still studying for their final at 8am while you're midseason through Grays Anatomy and can't stop watching. Who has the better deal?
1. With school out of the way you can finally focus on your passions. Forget writing about economics (I hate economics), you can now focus on passion projects that can lead to a job. Plus you already had an interview and know that a job is on the horizon. With that job comes money, independence, and success! Keep your chin up! Your twenties are the golden years. You're done with school, you will find something that you love to do, and you'll have money to spend on whatever you want. Enjoy it!
I met up with a friend last month and told her how I feel like I'm not a grown up yet. She just looked at me and said 'This is it. We work, we meet up with friends to eat and drink. We pay bills, travel, get groceries. This is IT" and I sort of realized that yeah, I guess I grew up?
This is the best years of your life. Enjoy them
I think I need a chaperone to adulthood.