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As if existing fan wars aren't crazy enough, SBS and Mnet have added to the fire with their Inkigayo and M!Countdown voting controversy.
Here's the breakdown:
1. EXO's song "Love Me Right" went missing from the voting list on Inkigayo for 7 hours. 7 HOURS! Inkigayo is making up for it with an additional e-mail voting for 7 hours today, June 10th.
2. Big Bang's "Bae Bae" was mistakenly changed to "Bang Bang Bang," nulling 3 days of votes that Bae Bae already had. That's a lot of votes! Inkigayo denied that this was a problem.
3. M!Countdown extended the Japan voting time by forgetting to close the international poll. Chinese fans took advantage of this situation and bypassed IP restrictions to vote through the Japanese website (Fans know what they're doing, lol). Mnet made an announcement that votes made after the original end time will not be counted.
Regardless of whether or not these mistakes are fixed, the epic fails on the part of Inkigayo and M!Countdown have added to the fandom wars and enraged VIPs and EXO-Ls.
So who is it going to be...Big Bang or EXO?
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I hope Seventeen wins LOL
@kpopandkimchi That would be a fun turn of events! Haha
This is turning into a serious rivalry! (But, I mean, it's Bigbang. They're always the champions to me!)
@danidee VIPs for life, haha.
oh god...when will this fanwar end?