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Growing up as a little girl having a head full of hair accessories was the norm.

In order to feel and look your age, throwing a couple barrettes in your hair probably wouldn't be your first instinct. Just because you grew up and let go of the squigglies, scrunchies and bobo's doesn't mean you still can't have fun with hair accessories.

If you thought the days of dressing your hair up was over, think again. We found the perfect hair accessories that will add some excitement to your hair without making you decrease in age.

The Braided Headband:

Headbands are back and better than ever.

No more of those plastic headbands that stick into your scalp and easily break. These simple headbands are perfect to throw on with any outfit and add some life to your hair. The braided look screams boho-chic.

The Ponytail Cuff:

This cuff is perfect and immediately makes you want to throw your hair into a ponytail.

It's minimal and stylish. You can either throw it on for a casual day out or for an evening out. Who said hair accessories couldn't be fun after the age of ten?

The Chain Headpiece:

Similar to the headband, the chain headpiece is a beautiful piece that comes in a variety of styles.

Some might think it's enough to wear out in public, but believe us -- it's just enough. Throw on a flowly dress and some sandals and this chain headpiece will pull the entire look together. No need for a necklace when you have this headpiece as the perfect accessory.

The Floral Headband:

"You're a flower child, beautiful child..." Okay, enough Drake for now.

Floral headbands are perfect for the spring and summer. You'll "look like you came from the 70's on your own."
I thought pony tail cuffs were really weird until my aunt bought me some that are attached to hair ties for Christmas (so you can just tie your hair up then clasp it around them) and they're actually pretty genius! They dress up my ponytails on adys I don't want to do anything.
Yes they're so genius & chic! I love them. My hair is cut short, but if it was long I would def wear a cuff every single day. @hikaymm