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Orange is the New Black is the hit Netflix show returning for its third season in just a few days. They've set up in midtown today (6/10) to celebrate. Here's what they had to say on the Netflix official snapchat.
I assume we all have a crush on Alex Vause.
Sophia is definitely my favorite though. It helps that she's played by Laverne Cox, one if the most brilliant and talented people alive.
I really like this marketing idea. I honestly had no idea what the candles were about when I saw them on the promotional posters (for those who don't live near a Spanish supermarket, the candles are similar to votive candles that usually have images of Jesus or Mary on them, used in prayers- Gloria sells them during her flashback in season 2). I'm tempted to run the twenty odd blocks just to see if any of my faves are still there.
OMG I WISH I WAS THERE. I've always wanted to have my own mugshot!
Wow – SUCH a cool promotion! I wonder if they're still there too!! Maybe I'll go run and check... :D Were they meeting fans, do you know?
@allischaaff I think they were doing some signings. I'm so envious of everyone there