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I know what you're thinking. And I'm not crazy. Keep reading.
"Money is the root of all evil," so says the infamous saying. But is it really true?
Yes. And here's why: Kris' nefarious plot to control the music industry, which has been solely the Illuminati's domain, is about reaching voters. Katy Perry is the new face of fashion brand, Moschino. But look at her hairstyle. It's called, "The Kris." You basically get your hair chopped to androgynous proportions and get it ritual-dyed in aged-to-black, clotted baby's blood, which gives it that sinister black hue.
Since the hair is the "crown of a woman's beauty," so say many ancient religious texts...it's no wonder that asking for "The Kris" would bring such good fortune to Katy Perry. She gets the money...her musical, and now fashion influence, compels legions to follow her...the Illuminati collect more souls...and Kris gets ONE STEP CLOSER to besting Kevin Bacon's two degrees of separation. And with all that money, the next logical step would be to gain power. Who is more powerful than the US Commander in Chief?
My 2016 Presidential prediction: Kris Kardashian. You laugh, but I'm on the verge of being dead serious.
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I hope you run against her. A @darcysdiary/Kris K. ultimate stand-off is on the verge. I can feel it.