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What is going on right now...Hatred against Big Bang during their promotional cycle seems to still be going strong for some unknown reason.   Recently, YG Entertainment's choreographer, Japollonia (Mila J), re-posted an Instagram post she found alarming of a girl burning a picture of Taeyang with the words"Die Bigbang!" at the very beginning.  Japollonia wrote in response, "It's an insult not only for me but the whole yg Entertainment !! .. People are soooooooo fucking crazy i don't know why they hate bigbang? [sic]."  Link here: https://instagram.com/p/3wuKvUPHxe/ It is assumed that the girl is an EXO-L based on the pictures of EXO members on her Instagram, her ID name, and comments on her post, but it is hard to confirm for sure. Her post was removed apparently. People are flooding her Instagram to say, "as I see most of us agree that even though every single person has the right to post whatever they want, if it's going to affect other people in bad ways, that's no-no... real fan or not, this is tooooo much, VIPs see these and of course some of us just lose it... I hope the day comes that we can enjoy music we like in peace... Amen [sic]," "Uh wtf is your problem??? Why you hate bigbang so much? Because they won??? Is that why? Wow...," and one even addressed Chanyeol with "your fans! Aren't you proud of them?!?" Some comments generalizing the entire fandom and even addressing the members of EXO seem a bit unwarranted, but it's understandable that VIPs are upset.  What are your thoughts? Cr:allkpop http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/burning-of-taeyangs-picture-stirs-up-further-resentment-in-the-vip-fandom
First of all.....
Like WTF IS GOING ONNNN up in hurrrr?? Are we really gonna go there? Are we gonna take ish to that level? Hate, shade, minor instances of hair flippin and finger snappin (no z formation) maybe a raised eyebrow and pursed lips are totally acceptable right now because kpop fans tend to be passionate....but bomb threats and now this? I laughed only because I didn't know how else to react....lol I'll never listen to Mama again without bursting into hysterical laughter....thanks for that. Secondly.....
I get a lil carried away defending my biases and my beliefs but this......this is cray. Its one thing to say things from a humorous point of view but quite another to do things like this. I'm in shock.....for once I really don't have anything witty and humorous to say. This just made me sick. Haters....y'all need to step back and realize
I know these few *ahem* fans....don't represent all EXO-Ls. I still got mad love for all my EXO-L homies<3 I'm just feeling sorry for the boys....both BIGBANG and EXO. Y'all didn't bring any of this down on anyone....there are just a few of us that forgot to take our meds and wear our big girl undies during this comeback. I'm actually quite ashamed of this behavior.
What do y'all out there think about this?
Its sucking the fun and joy out of this. @MattK95 V.I.Ps claws are coming out also and our fandom's hands definitely aren't clean either....but we definitely need to weed out these types out.... because this behavior is just unacceptable. @jiggzy19 I really wonder what BIGBANG thought of this.... but really this girl probably has some issues and a prayer wouldn't hurt because lord knows she's probably got more hate on her than she ever thought was possible.
@PassTheSuga yeah, that's what I don't get, it's just a weekly award guys, so Bigbang win this time, so what, does that mean EXO suck, or aren't good at what they do? Absolutely not! EXO are amazing! I'm curious as to wether or not ish like this is going to be happening every time someone beats EXO??? Granted it's not just happening in the EXO-L fandom, there have been some disgraceful things said by some V.I.Ps as well. My personal opinion is that fans who act like this should lose the right to call themselves part of a fandom, we don't want these people dragging our fandom's reputation through the mud...
@StephanieDuong You make a great point! I think fans often think that these kinds of extreme actions don't directly affect the idols, but I'm sure they learn about these things and react just like any other human being would. Just because they are popular and busy doesn't mean they don't see these sorts of things happen! I wonder how many fans would do these things if they knew their own bias groups will see their actions.
Jeez.... I can't even wrap my head around the fact that someone ACTUALLY did this. When my sister and I watched the video, we literally felt disgusted that a person could do such a thing. People who do this kind of stuff shouldn't even consider themselves fans of either EXO or any other group because I'm pretty sure that the members would NEVER want their fans to go to this extent of "support" for them. There's one thing where you support your favorite groups peacefully and with admiration, but if it gets to the point where people don't have any respect for the members, WHO ARE PEOPLE WITH FEELINGS, they should really just get out, leave, and be seriously ashamed of themselves. ◟( ‾᷅⚰‾᷄ ) I think that if the actual group who the situation is effecting isn't worrying about it, then the fans shouldn't either.
How nice would it be if all the passionate energy fans have only turns into positive and happy reactions? This is just taking it a bit too far! Sigh. Btw, your gif game is on point @PassTheSuga! ^_^
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