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No I don't mean anything involving a ring. Im talking about sharing a bathroom, giving up more then a drawer, tooth brush touching moving in together.
Its exciting, nerve-wracking and makes you extremely nologistic for your childhood bed. Growing up is hard. But moving in doesn't have to be!
Here are some helpful tips to help make this next stage of your life fun and painless.
1. Realize that you can't keep everything
Yes, you may love and need every single thing you own, but you can't expect your other half to get rid of all their stuff so you can keep all of yours. Sit down together and make a list of everything you need. Then compare what each of you have and decide what gets to stay. When you have a list you can easily keep track of how much each of you are getting rid of.
It may not be even, but it will be fair.
2. Compromise is key
Yes, you are more then welcome to throw out their gross college posters that should have been left in the dorm. But their lucky hockey jersey that you hate...that should stay. Just because you are moving in together does not mean you are going to love everything that your partner loves. This is where compromise comes in. Let them keep the butterfly chair that they've had since 12. They love it! What makes them happy will make you happy.
Plus I know you have some stuff they wish they can toss out. You aren't the only one compromising.
3. Be open and honest about money
When you move in together, money has to be a topic that can be discussed easily. The success and failures of one affects the other now that you share rent, groceries, utilities and anything else that requires cash. Which is just about everything.
This doesn't mean that you need to combine your bank accounts by any means. Having control of your own money is perfectly fine, if not smarter. As long as you are able to discuss your finances you'll be fine!
4. Get over the fact that both of you aren't perfect
Living together can and will be amazing, as long as you stop expecting each other to be perfect. Everyone has bad days, everyone gets sick, and everyone just needs some space sometimes. Read the emotions and don't get offended when they need to take a walk alone. You will need it too.
5. Don't keep track of who says sorry first
You'll get into fights, just try to not go to bed angry. Saying sorry doesn't make you weak. As long as both of you apologize for making the other person feel bad, it shouldn't matter who said it first.
6. Make sure you have fun
Living together is going to be awesome! You two will have a space to share and grow your relationship! This means you can create mini dates every night, stay up late to have movie marathons, and just have a ton of fun together. Don't let silly things get in the way of fun.
Very well said. Try to never go yo bed angry
@TerriJacopino great point!