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These songs will get you to the gym and fuel your workout. Scroll through and press play on the videos during your next workout and get rocking.

1. Are You Mine-Arctic Monkeys

Start your workout with this guitar heavy track from the Arctic Monkeys' album AM. It's got a driving beat that will encourage you to start off right and push yourself.

2. Immortals- Fall Out Boy

This song featured in Big Hero 6 has some epic lyrics. The synth-infused beat will keep you running long after you've tired.

3. Lady Cobra- Green Day

This little known track by Green Day has a ripping guitar line and solid drum track that will ignite your workout in a lull. It's rockabilly feel is catchy and fun, but it also has lyrics that carry edge. This is the perfect track to do the weight machines to.

4. Glory Days -Carl Barat and the Jackals

This song from Carl's Libertines side project has an amazing shuffle beat and lyrics that really kick.

5. Somebody Told Me - The Killers

I never run faster on the treadmill than when I'm listening to this song. In fact, I recommend their entire debut album, Hot Fuss for running. Just put that album on and run forever. Trust me.

6. Delivery- Babyshambles

I absolutely love this band's music. This song makes me feel like I'm in the music video, walking around all cool and stylish. I run to this on the treadmill and I feel like a rockstar, maybe it'll make you feel that way too.

7. Can't Deny My Love- Brandon Flowers

The Killers front man's solo album is a dream. This song is techno infused and has an amazing beat, it's practically made for working out. Blast this during cardio

8. I Wanna Be Sedated -The Ramones

This punk classic has a charging guitar line that will make you want to run faster. It's lyrics embody how you feel when you don't want to go to the gym...which is me always. But hey you're there!

9. London Calling- The Clash

This is an amazing song. Perfectly written and even more perfect for a workout. Get pissed and run faster.

10. Up The Bracket -The Libertines

This. Song. Is. Everything. It's catchy, fun and upbeat enough to warrant a steady pace on the treadmill or elyptical. Workout to the beat and see the results.
BONUS: Cool Down Track

City of Angels-Thirty Seconds to Mars

This is a mid-tempo track that will guide you through your cool-down, whether you're stretching or walking. This is a great and uplifting song to end your workout.
Yeah me too!!! @felicityautumn They're really good for working out.
@felicityautumn this is an older card but it's my perfect gym playlist! Thought you'd like it!!!!
Anything by The Ramones!!! Great playlist!
Thank you! Love the Killers!