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Tumblr got me in the feels...
So Tumblr got me like....
I can't even right now _(._.)_ Yixing.....Seung Hyun......YB....I hope you're pooping well<3 cr: lay-me-kris on tumblr http://lay-me-kris.tumblr.com/post/121135442354/i-wake-up-certain-days-thinking-about-unpopular
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"Are they really happy?" is one I always think about. They have such packed and busy lives and I'm curious if they get to do most of the things they want to do? It's hard to tell from shows etc. :/
@poojas that really is the heavy question about that "idol life". They're under a microscope and it would be tough for anyone to live that way.
OMG I thought I was the only one who thinks about this type of stuff ...I get worried a lot but they always satisfy me with great performances...sometimes I think are they really happy? or is it all an act...I know its really hard having an idol life because you can't do all the things that you wish you could do...I just hope and wish for happiness for them and want them to always know that their fans are here no matter what ^^