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One image of summer we've all (probably) seen before is a good ol' lemonade stand, and that's just what two girls, ages 7 and 8, created when they wanted to raise $100 for a great Father's Day gift.
So, why did the police shut it down?
Texas House Bill 970 says that you can't sell food that needs time or temperature control to prevent it from spoiling without a permit. Since lemonade needs to be refrigerated to prevent bacteria growth (apparently...), police said they needed an inspection from the health department and a permit to sell it. And that permit would cost $150, more than they were hoping to raise.
Don't worry: they'll be opening again this weekend. This time, just giving the lemonade away, and asking for donations to circumvent police.
Really, though, I'm all out of ideas... what other good parts of American culture can we ruin with our legal system or our increasing overabundance of caution?
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Oh, wow! How sad. Well, at least they have come up with a way to keep their lemonade stand without getting fined. They have a really smart idea.
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@alywoah Yeah it's good. It's a bit ridiculous these laws are being applied to something they clearly weren't made for.
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