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When the hit show Whale Wars started airing, I would go so far as to say that the public was on their side. They public joined them in hating whalers who were killing whales and other seas creatures (like dolphins).
But something changed, because these activists went too far, and because of that, other activists about whales may always be seen as extreme.
The Sea Shepard, main boat featured on the show that would work to stop whaling boats from being able to kill any whales, has to pay millions of dollars to a Japanese whaling vessel for breaking laws while trying to stop the Japanese whalers. Those who still support the Sea Shepard say the settlement is good, because it will allow them to get back to their true purpose: stopping whalers.
But I wonder how many supporters they still have. They did a few things that really upset people:
- Their show portrayed them as obnoxious, narcissistic, self-righteous vandals.
- They also wrecked that world record eco boat, by parking it in front of whaler ship to get it to stop.
- Man who let the boat get hit lied and said that he was ordered to do leave it there.
- Paul Watson cares for the whales, however after watching Whale Wars I also believe Paul Watson is far more concerned about the success and fame of Paul Watson (he's one of the people in charge).
All the articles I've seen about this are either on one side (the Japanese whalers) or the other (the Sea Shepards), but I think I'm on another: I don't like what either of them are doing.
I don't support the whaling efforts, but I also don't support the method of activity used by Watson & crew to try to stop them, particularly when it gets unnecessarily dangerous, or, they begin lying.
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