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I just discovered a new relationship blog that I am so into. It's called Love at First Fight!! I thought there's a few people on here that would like this video, too, so I'm sharing it!
All of the advice he gives is based on this idea:
"Let's bust the myth that a healthy relationship or marriage is one where there is no conflict, fighting or anger. John Gottman's research has proven the opposite to be true - that couples who do not fight end up divorced.How come? Couples who don't fight never resolve their relationship problems."
The point is this: healthy relationships involve some fighting, because fighting or disagreeing is how you workthrough and solve problems!
But you have to fight fair, or you'll just end up in stony silence. And this video teaches you how to fight fair, with three main points:
00:50 - A rule of thumb for how to deal with anger in relationships (or marriage).
02:54 - How to resolve conflict in marriage without using de escalation techniques
04:48 - Conflict resolution in marriage - strategies that work.