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Do you remember this guy, who went viral a few years back for his insane rant about GINGERS HAVING SOULS? I had seen the video, but I assumed he just faded back into obscurity after it.
Turns out, this guy's name is Mikey Kittrell, and he kept making videos. They're all pretty similar: him being really, really angry about something really, really stupid (in the grand scheme of things). For example, here's a video of him screaming about Apple not having a redhead emoji.
Also turns out he totally scripts his videos (not surprising), is so against the trolls (also, not surprising), and is still making this ridiculous videos to give him the momentum needed to make money from his videos and keep making music. Yep, he makes music.
I just came across this track, and I have to say while I'm not a fan of a ton of autotune, his second verse here is pretty legit, and explains WHY he is still doing this.
He also has a music video. I'll let you judge this for yourself. Whether it's comedy or not, he has played the haters like a violin. He has trolled the haters to such an epic degree that it's very impressive. I mean really who cares what hateful people say, they just want attention from people, right?
(But really, the guys kind of a genius using his fame to do something more....just sayin')
@beywatch Well, the first one may have been real but I think he realized very, very quickly that he could do somethign bigger with this, so he did!!
Omg. That was all scripted? I feel like my whole life is a lie.
Hahahaha ok, as a ginger I was also pretty upset at Apple for not making an emoji for the redheads of the world. But I wasn’t THAT upset...
This is sort of fantastic. Gingerbread...omg
I honestly thought that'll be the last video he'll make. Didn't know he went this far.