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Because these books aren't just for teenagers! I have learned some valuable love lessons over the years from all these books, so I thought I would put some of them together. Because hey, we could all learn a little more about loving someone the right way, no?
@VinMcCarthy I feel like I could go on about this for days, but in essence I agree with your view about the whole MPDG + Green's use of it (I mean, its undeniable). But I still enjoy his writing. Maybe that makes me part of the trope problem. He's not my favorite author, but I have read everything he's written (though, just once, which goes to show I really don't like him all that much, considering I'm a serious re-reader). Still, though, I think in the world of YA there are a lot of incredibly unhelpful/unproductive character types being used, and mostly being used trying to make a specific point. This is just one of them. I don't know if there is a name for the "mysterious-probably-plays-music-and-has-a-dark-family-secret boy," but it's used in nearly every romantic YA novel set in a high school. Nearly every single one. Still, I like reading them just to read them. (also, really nice post!)
for lots of reasons really, but it's too much to explain briefly so here: http://vinmccarthy.hubpages.com/hub/ManicPixieDreaming
Looks like I have some books I should read :)
What don't you like about John Green @VinMcCarthy? He's not my favorite writer but I can't say my feelings are quite that strong.
I really dig these quotes, but I am fundamentally opposed to John Green as a writer. Still, though, inspiring stuff.