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We all agree that we style our hair based on the following: 1. Mood. 2. Occasion. But did you know the way you style your hair can reveal a lot about you? Here's what other might think of you.

Short Hair

Artistic, Daring, Expressive People who can pull off a pixie cut with confidence are bold and daring. They're not afraid to be creative and different. On the other hand, some people might cut their hair short because they want a change in their life.

Long Hair

Feminine, Dominant, Low Maintenance Women with long straight hair usually are usually seen as feminine. They're comfortable with their appearance and don't like taking risks. Women with wavy texture hair are usually more sensual, laid-back and leave a powerful expression to people.

Grey Hair

Confident, Knows what she likes, Doesn't Try to Fit In Women with natural grey hair convey that she is confident and decisive. They don't try to fit in with what society thinks and they tend to be unfathomable.

Multi-Colored Hair Unique Styles

Unconventional, young, adventurous Women with sport edgy and unconventional hairstyles usually don’t care about what other people think of them and they like to stand out from the crowd. In addition, they don’t care what society deems to be “normal”.
I have long hair but I'm not really dominant. haha at least I don't think I am.
@mikayla lol, this is meant for fun.