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There isn't a shortcut to all things in life, so when there is and it makes sense, take it:) Make your hair life easier with these helpful hair tips & hacks by Courtney Lundquist.
Just in cased you missed what she said I have the 10 tips below ↓:
1. Use dry shampoo (or baby powder) before you go to bed. 2. Use hair coloring brush to tame baby hair. 3. Use spin pins in replacement of bobby pins. 4. Make braids to amp up your hair. 5. Flip your ponytail in for a messy bun. 6. Use a headband to create different hairstyles. 7. Pull out the outside edges to make a fuller braid. 8. Use bobby pin to give your ponytail a lift. 9. Start with a half up half down hairstyle and tease the top to give your ponytail some dimension. 10. Curl your hair with a ponytail.
Did you already know these? Which one is your favorite?
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awesome sauce! love the video and the hacks. thank u😊
There are a lot of spin pins sitting in my home, I guess I can save them for my hair buns.
does the curling one really work
@andreajustine I tried it and it does work. It also depend on your hair type
LOVE it. Thank you!