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Photographer unknown - This is such a pretty shot. I love her hair accessories.
sooo lovely!!!
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I want to wear all these pretty things. Well, maybe. It seems like it would be a hassle. I'm lazy like that. (>_<)
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I don't want to disappoint anyone, but this is a male model in woman's clothes. I tried to find the source, but since I don't know chinese, I had no luck. Though I did find other pictures of the same model...It's just amazing how feminine he looks, even when not dressed up like a woman... <3
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@Marlak Oh, you didn't disappoint at all. He makes a lovely model, then. Holy crap. That's so wrong that he's so pretty, prettier than me, a girl. :D I will have to try to see what I find, because now that you mention it, I believe i read something about him once.
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