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Move over ombre hair, ombre lips are taking over in living color.

If you thought ombre hair was amazing, then be prepared to be even more amazed at the new trend on the beauty scene.

Want to spice up your look and take your lipstick to the next level?

As beautiful as they look, achieving ombre lips is actually pretty easy.

A couple steps and you will have revamped your lips completely creating a look that you will become obsessed with.

Who says you can't go ombre everyday?

Follow these steps and in a matter of minutes you'll have lips that deserve to be on display in a museum.

Step #1: Apply your lipstick as you normally would.

Step #2: Grab a darker liner or lipstick - completely up to you.

Begin to line your lips, focusing mainly on the inner and outer corners. Make sure you bring the product to the mid-center of your lips and blend completely.
Disclaimer: You can swap Step #1 with Step #2 or vice versa. Either way you will end up on Step #3 eventually.

Step #3: Reapply your initial lipstick to the center of your lips if need be.

Clean up with concealer.


You have the perfect ombre lip. Easy as cake, right?

Feel fierce yet?

Well, with lips like that -- you should.

I love black and red ombre!!! perfect for the fall and winter @NinjaGirlEmber
I've done Ombré with black and blood red, it looked fabulous
@jordanhamilton thanks luv!
@jordanhamilton this is a really hot idea I gotta try it. Think I will practice first on my day off before stepping out in public.
You're welcome!!! @2littlelegs
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