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I loved the film "Boyhood". Really loved it.
It's a special film for so many reasons - obviously, the directorial effort and concept is incredibly innovative and exciting, but there's so much more to it. To me, two things really put it over the edge: firstly, the music - which is absolutely on point throughout the entire film (I always say that the music is so expertly inserted with regard to time that it would be absolutely impossible to recall so exactly in what years particular artists or songs were popular, highlighting the significance and effect of the multi-year filming concept), and its ability to reach multiple audiences. While I feel like people around my age have the greatest ability to connect with the film, since I grew up at basically the same exact time as Mason, the main character, I don't think its influence is limited to young people. It's as much a film about parenthood than childhood, so watching it with my parents was a breeze, and we walked away with totally different takes on it (though everyone loved it).
In this case, I'm talking about the music - the film closes with a tune from one of my most favorite bands, Arcade Fire. It's "Deep Blue" from the absolute masterpiece that is 2010's "The Suburbs". Its placement in the film is superb; the lyrics on their own are terrific, too:
In my place and time
And here in my own skin
I can finally begin"
Let's all live in our own skin.
From the opening scene with 'Yellow' I knew I was going to love this film
The soundtrack for Boyhood was SO on point!
What I loved best was the way it came in and out of the scenes. So there's that one scene where Ethan Hawke's character and Mason are in the car and Hawke is going on about Wilco - it's at the forefront of that scene. In lots of others, it's carefully placed in the background, just to give you an idea of what year it is. Kind of like a title card, but much more subtle