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The world can now rejoice for the exciting announcement that Pitch Perfect 3 is happening and the world couldn't be more excited! It's not really surprising though because Pitch Perfect 2 made $250 million worldwide so far when they only spent $29 million. It has been rumored that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson each received two million each. The Pitch Perfect 2 contract did not include anything about everyone confirming that they were on for a third movie which is odd for franchise actors. The movie hasn't been as successful in regards to movie reviews compared to the first movie yet it has out-paced its domestic revenue by about $4 million clocking in around $69 million in the first week.
If you needed any further proof, here it is from one of the stars in Pitch Perfect 2 herself.
'Cause your my flashlight keeping me through the night... (You need to play this song while you read this card because it makes it THAT MUCH BETTER...I just really love this song, OKAY? )
I can't wait to see what happens in the next movie especially since most of the lead characters graduated. Will Pitch Perfect be able to stay on tune?
Here's some pictures just incase you want to reminisce how awesome you felt when you watched this movie.

The movie can't come soon enough!!!

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I still have to see the second one!! No one post any spoilers!!!!!
@beywatch you should get on that! I laughed so hard at that movie.
Before a couple days ago, which was when I saw the first one, I had never heard of Pitch Perfect before. It was really funny. Haven't seen the second one yet.
@marshalledgar You HAVE to see the 2nd one. It's definitely not as good as the first but it's hilarious. And the third is in the works!
Might actually be something I do tonight.