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2012's Sleepwalk With Me is one of the most authentic movies I've ever seen.
Based on the book with the same title, Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me is a movie about his sleepwalking disorder.
But it's so much more than that. It's an insightful look at relationships or more specifically, being in a relationship when you shouldn't be. It follows his start as a stand-up comedian and his relationship with his family.
There's something charming and trustworthy about Birbiglia. As he narrates the movie, it's almost like he's having a conversation with the viewer. It feels less like a movie and more like talking over coffee -- this is a good thing.
Everything feels natural and honest, it's hard to not like this film. You can watch the trailer below and if you end up watching it, be sure to pick up the book as well!
@jeff4122, Defintely, I think it's on Netflix now, but I'm not sure if they took it off suddenly. But most of the movie is all true aside from the names of the people.
Never heard of this. Dig the cast though, maybe I'll check it out