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Boy Meets World was the ultimate coming of age story. Cory and Shawn taught me pretty much everything I know about friendship as they handled everything from middle school dances to college graduation together. As a true fan, I can only assume that the actors have remained best friends and are living somewhere together with Topanga and Eric, but let's find out.
1. Thankfully Ben Savage has stayed true to his Boy Meets World roots, now starring in Disney Channel's spinoff, Girl Meets World. He plays a dad and teacher, hopefully carrying on the legacy of Mr. Feeny. I can only hope that this spinoff is to kids today what Boy Meets World was to me.
2. I'm assuming everyone else was (and after looking at this picture, still is) in love with Rider Strong. Shawn was the much cooler, leather-jacket wearing friend, but still just as lovable as Cory. Rider Strong will appear in a couple of episodes of Girl Meets World, but spends most of his time acting in indie films, as well as dabbling in producing, directing and screen writing.
3. Definitely the character with the most unique name, Topanga was the object of Cory's affection and therefore the object of every fan's obsession. Danielle Fishel is also starring in Girl Meets World as Cory's wife, restoring my faith in the fact that relationships can withstand the test of time.
4. Eric Matthews was the lovable idiot and oftentimes comedic relief on Boy Meets World. Will Friedle originally declined to be part of Girl Meets World :( and instead spends time working as a voice actor. That's okay though because Eric's Feeny call gave me enough laughs for a lifetime.
5. Mr. Feeny taught me pretty much everything I know about life. He was so wise! I just wanted him to teach me something or better yet write me a college recommendation letter. Thankfully, William Daniels is guest starring in Girl Meets World, so he can pass down his knowledge to a younger generation.
If you want to reminisce about Boy Meets World, or you just need a good cry, watch this video of Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Eric saying goodbye to Mr. Feeny in the series finale.
FEENY IS GUEST-STARRING? This is the best news. He was always my favorite character. Him and Eric.
@beywatch - Yep, two amazing characters, Feeny will say something wise, while Eric will make you laugh. That show had it all.