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Nobel prize winner Sir Tim Hunt made some pretty sexist comments at a conference in South Korea this week. “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls...three things happen when they are in the lab...You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticize them, they cry.”
He also added he was "in favor of single-sex labs."
Uh what?
Women in the science industry decided to strike back with the Twitter hashtag #distractinglysexy and make fun of his comments.
The joke? These pictures are the opposite of distractingly sexy. They are just women in science doing their job. And it seems like the comments are working. Tim Hunt just stepped down as the from his University position at the University College London (UCL).
But wait there’s more. More women spoke out with #TimHunt and brought out the bigger issue: Sexism in the workplace.
Sir Tim Hunt, a knighted Nobel Prize winner completely destroyed his rep for his very sexists comments. But he brought about an issue that is important to discuss, and women are voicing their opinions.
Awesome. It seems to me that perhaps Sir Tim Hunt was channeling Dr. Sheldon Cooper... for I'm pretty sure that he's going to make comments like these in his Nobel Prize speech.
Hahaha @JonPatrickHyde on the next episode of Bing Bang, the women of the show strike back!
Fighting sexism with humor! My kind of humor!
This is laughable