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Yessss!!! BEAST is coming back!
Cube Entertainment announced that the group has been preparing for their new album...although the exact summer comeback date is not set yet.
Their last comeback "Time" was in October 2014. Members have been active with other solo activities in the meantime. Yong Joon Hyung has been producing his own music, Yoon Doo Joon has been focusing on his acting (Let's Eat 2), and maknae Son Dong Woon has just begun promotions for his solo debut in Japan!
I love all their individual work but cannot wait for a group comeback! And to see all these goofs together in variety shows again! ^_^
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@christy Tell me about it! I'm looking forward to more comebacks! ^_^
@poojas @poojas lee seung gi and good bye. big bang we like 2 party. MY NAME. kara. cross gene. shinee. and my lovely mblaq and finely 2pm
@christy Oh man, I'm SO excited!!!!
This summer is going to be SO insane omfg hahahahahah
they are so perfect!!