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Television show stylists aren't alwayst the most realistic when recreating a character's look. Though Doctors don't all wear scrubs 24/7, certain TV doctors have unrealistically impeccable style. Here is my round up of the best-dressed doctors that have graced our TV screens.
1. Mindy Lahiri of The Mindy Project
Dr. Mindy Lahiri always has the best bright pops of color and print peeking out from under her lab coat that gives us all high hopes for professional style. Her brightly-colored dresses, blouses and pencil skirts make us all think maybe, just maybe, hard workers at demanding jobs can be fashionable.
2. Addison Montgomery of Private Practice (and Grey's Anatomy)
Dr. Addison Montgomery first showed up as the evil ex(or current?)-wife of Doctor McDreamy, but she's pretty showstopping herself. On the Grey's spinoff Private Practice, Addison takes front and center as the protagonist, and she always looks elegantly put together, despite a hectic worklife and topsy-turvy love life. Her look is simple, chic, and feminine, and it reminds us all what a powerful woman her character is.
3. Elliot Reid of Scrubs
Elliot's on and off-duty style is remarkable when you remember the plain-jane, crying mess she was when the show started. By the later seasons, Eliot is a successful doctor, and her girly, put-together style reflects how far she's come. She's always wearing heels and a dress under that labcoat, and we wonder how she does it.
4. Dr. Remi "Thirteen" Beauregard Hadley of House
Thirteen doesn't always have the most typically fashion forward style, but wearing her trademark suspenders, her nerdy-chic look works (maybe because Olivia Wilde is just that stunning). Thirteen always wears a great pendant dangling from her neck, elevating the black staples she relies on otherwise.
5. Dr. Callie Torres of Grey's Anatomy
Callie was a revolutionary character on Grey's because she broke down boundaries of sexuality as she rose from a side to a leading character on the show. As her character progresses on the show, so does her personal style. Her colorful but smart and modern style complements her loud, witty personality.
@HairConfetti you're so right! Forgot about that
This is not a t.v. series but Natalie Portman's doctor fashion from No Strings Attached is probably one of my favorite.