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There is nothing I don't like about Chrissy Teigen: she eats all the time (follow her on Instagram and you'll see what I mean), she loves her very talented husband very much and she looks this good while hanging out on the street. Here is a recreation of her outfit for much less.
The statement piece of this outfit is, of course, the over-the-knee heeled boots. You can go for heeled boots if you are feeling ambitious or keep them flat. Chrissy is rocking a thick heeled pair, which are much easier to walk in than boots with stilettos. There are a lot of options out there, including black flat boots and black heeled boots.
The rest of Chrissy's outfit is fairly simple, which makes the boots pop even more. Look for shorts that have a little bit of fraying on the bottom. Besides that detail, it's completely up to you — there is no right pair of shorts!
Next stop, the gray off-the-shoulder top (go Chrissy for rocking super comfy pieces). Again, there are really no rules where this is concerned, as long as it's comfortable!
The only accessories you need to finish off this look is a large brown bag and oversized sunglasses. Then you are set to go!
When I was still in college a bunch of girls would wear boots and shorts together (even during winter). I used to hate this trend but surprisingly it looks good with over-the-knee boots.
Yes, I think that the shorts with boots look has the potential to look a little like you are trying to get attention, but I think the over-the-knee boots paired with a comfy tee makes the outfit look cooler and more effortless.