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Here's a live version of "Seven Nation Army" from a show in Germany back in 2007.
Now, I don't think this is the best song The White Stripes have ever made. I don't even really think it's close.
But it's sure as hell the catchiest and the easiest to get behind. And probably the most fun to play, if you're Jack or Meg White.
When I saw Jack White last summer (touring without Meg), they played their set and left, and everyone knew they were coming back for an encore, because they hadn't played Seven Nation Army yet. It was as simple as that - there was positively no chance that they were going to end the show without having played it.
So the crowd got the song started before he even returned to the stage, screaming "buuuum bum bum bum bum buuuum bum" in a chorus amounting to one extremely loud vocal guitar. Jack let that continue for a full two minutes or so before returning to the stage and taking over. It was awesome, and I will always remember that as one of the best live songs I've ever seen.
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Man, I've never seen The White Stripes or Jack White as a solo artist, but I did see the Dead Weather, and that was pretty good. Not the best songs, but still great performers.