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Often our favorite actors are disconnected from their franchises' fandoms. It's not their fault, fandom is this weird wacky place where we celebrate characters and stories. Ultimately, portraying those characters is a job for actors. And while they probably love what they do (seriously you wouldn't want to get paid to be Iron Man), the emotional attachment to their projects is probably not the same. Unless you're Robert Downey Jr. and you post weird campy fanart about your own character on Facebook.
This is the kind of thing you screenshot and hang up on your wall. Artist geothebio is the master of silly puns. This is just the most recent post, but RDJ is sharing fnart couple of times a month.
This isn't even explicitly Iron Man related. It's hilarious, but jt makes me wonder where he's finding this stuff. Does he have a secret Tumblr that we don't know about? I kind of hope he follows me and simultaneously kind of dread finding out that he's seen what I post. Like Peter Dinklage, my Tumblr is filled with regret.
Further proof that RDJ probably ships the Science Bros. I hope Age of Ultron didn't make his inner fangirl cringe too much.
I'm really glad he has a sense of humor about this. I imagine that fans' enthusiasm can be really alienating for the actors portraying the characters we love. It orobanly comes with a lot of pressure too: I wouldn't want to disappoint Marvel fans or let them down in any way. It would be awesome if actors felt like they could be included in the fan community. Orlando Jones was the ultimate master of fan connection (remember when he shipped his character on Sleepy Hollow with every ither character on the show?), and I think it would be generous of fandom open themselves up to that kind of connection. It's already hapoening with Hayley Atwell on Twitter, she's probably a bigger fangirl than all of us at this point. Just remember that celebrities are people, and they probably don't need you to send them links to the Stony dreamwidth meme.
I love that "possible ally" with Loki and the cat. Same hahahah
I love fan art that is really clever and has a sense of humor. It seems RDJ totally does too. He should try to draw Ironman art for his fandom one day. I bet they'd completely lose it.
@TessStevens me too!!!!
@TessStevens lol Loki has great taste
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