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The rise to the top for Fetty Wap started around a year ago. The Paterson, New Jersey native pushed out the video for his song “Trap Queen” to the masses. The video was full of energy and authentic to the area. Fetty focused at first on building the song up locally in the club scene, hitting all of the local djs and getting the song in rotation. The hard work paid off, as Fetty was offered a deal to sign to 300 Management.
Mainstream America was formerly introduced the song a bit later by World renowned DJ FunkMaster Flex. The NYC DJ put his stamp of approval on the song, putting the song in heavy rotation every night on his show. The song began to trend worldwide due to its undeniable energy and catchy hook.
Fetty didn’t stop there though, as he began to roll out numerous singles. His next big hit was titled “My Way.” The NJ flamespitter enlisted Drake on the remix which helped the song go viral. To put the icing on the cake, rap legend Kanye West bought out Fetty Wap during his all-star performance at Madison Square Garden. The Chicago native spoke highly on Fetty Wap, naming his song “Trap Queen” as his favorite song at the moment.
Fetty has all of the tools to be a star in rap music. He has a unique look, great management team and signature sound. His performance in 2014-2015 has earned him Rookie Of The Year in rap.