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Am I happy? I've been looking for the answer for a long period of time. The world's changing at an alarming rate from generation to generation. Nothing is consecutive; many occasions happen simultaneously. Almost all the people living in this entire planet live their hectic lives, sometimes without knowing why they are actually busy. People work to earn money for their livings, and many moments seize them even though people try to seize the moments as they pass. Are they happy? Happiness cannot be defined by certain sentences because of its subjectivity. I've been carrying a certain perception of the chance of death since young. Walking down memory lane, I've cheated death since my childhood. I got my right leg broken when I was a young boy who was crossing the street and got hit instantly by a car. I still remember the blurry flash of knocking on the death's door.  Later, my left arm was broken at a playground,and my waist hurt seriously at a navy base. All of those very uncommon and eccentric experiences are stacked deep within me, getting me thinking often about my life path. The journey to find the meaning of happiness is still hazy and nebulous. However, I had found one life lesson: "Don't let life craft you." Many people today just drift along and let life happen to them. If doing so, what's the point of living? Do they actually live their own lives or are they just programmed to follow the systematically arranged system from life to death, stuck in the world of Matrix? Life's way too wayward, and there are too many things to explore. My life's still underway. Possibly, there will be a sudden moment of realizing my true happiness at some appointed time.