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The world's longest song clocks in at a whopping 432 hours
You heard right: Thom Yorke, frontman of Radiohead, released a 432 hour -- or 18 day -- song last week.
The song is set up to play as the background sound to an art exhibit in Sydney, Australia by artist Stanley Donwood. Below, check Donwood's ideas on what the exhibit's purpose is, and a warning about the song itself.
I miss the old stuff.
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Firstly, bearded Thom Yorke is arguably double as terrifying as regular Thom Yorke. Secondly, what. I want to go to this exhibit. And thirdly, Stanley Donwood, gerbils don't collect nuts. Those are called squirrels.
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Correct on all three points.
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This is. Something special. Like something really special. I want to see the horrible Radiohead tattoos!!
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