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Rumors have been circulating since Marvel announced it would not be hosting any panels or events at this year's Comic Con. This isn't the first time Marvel has bailed on the convention. And in the wake of the release of Age of Ultron, with no new projects coming out for a few months, it seems like a practical choice. However rumors are being spread that Marvel is afraid of their competition, DC.
Marvel found out internally that Warners is going supernova with their DC presentation which will include Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Wonder Woman. Quite a formidable lineup and a really tough act to follow for any other studio.
Found out internally? I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now that all of those projects are in the works, and it's expected that DC will want to promote them all very aggresively. The Flash and Arrow have both done pretty well, and the Supergirl trailer was well-received, so it would make sense for DC to try and capitalize on those things. This rumor comes from Umberto Gonzalez, who Uproxx helpfully points out is kind of a coin toss when it comes to accuracy. Marvel's Cinematic Universe is one of the most successful franchises in history, which impressive considering the fact that we're still in an economic depression. People are still paying for these movies over and over despite the fact that bootlegs are easy to come by. While the upcoming projects from DC sound really cool, it doesn't feel like Marvel has much to fear.