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Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram
This was the first picture she posted? Typical.
Hillary Clinton has been known for her pant suits for years. Definitely her signature style. She poked some fun making the caption, "Hard Choices". She makes hard choices everyday going from the former First Lady to Secretary of State to now, possible First Lady President!? I'm sure we are going to be seeing a lot more of Hillary Clinton in those pant suits.
She's almost at 100k followers and many are pointing that her start on Instagram is only one more aspect to her presidential campaign to seem relevant and still in touch with social media in this tech-dependent generation.
Not everyone has been so fond of her first post on Instagram let alone her joining the social media platform.
One commenter wrote, " I'm a supporter of yours, but if you don't like 'media sexism' then don't make your first post on Instagram about your choice of clothing. Just a friendly recommendation."

*Hillary's reaction to that comment.*

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Haters gonna hate. I'm getting exhausted from some of the snarks out there with zero sense of humor. Just exhausted...
Is that account even 100% run by Hilary? Judging by how campaigny her captions are, it almost seems like she's got her own social media team.
@beywatch I wouldn't be surprised if she had a team. It seems many celebrities and politicians do these days. Let's be honest... we all know that every post will be picture perfect as she runs for the election.
She's probably flipping through her IG options going "Hmmm.. which filter says 'progress and goodwill'?"