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Jumpsuits started in the 1970s with the classic disco jumpsuit (bright colors, flared pants, etc). The jumpsuit changed a little bit in the 80s — instead of long flowing pants, the legs of the jumpsuits were tapered to give a more fitted look (like in the picture above). Both styles of jumpsuits are coming back, but the 1980s style is doing it a little faster and better.
These are actual sewing patterns from the 1980s for jumpsuits.
The key to pulling off the jumpsuit look — and make it look modern — is in what you wear with it. Wearing heeled sandals or heeled booties are a great way to make the jumpsuit look modern. Another tip: always try on the jumpsuit. Since it is one huge piece of clothing, it is crucial that you try it on to make sure that it fits well in all places.
Jumpsuits can also give off a sophisticated vibe if styled the right way. Look for a solid colored jumpsuit and pair with heeled sandals or pumps to make the look more professional.
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Ah no Thanks been there done the actual 70s and 80s jumpsuits! And the real Disco days!